Maftet EGYPTIAN MAUS Ancient and elegant

Amun-ra Zahra Zilla

Meaning "White Shadow". Usually referred to as "Zahra". A lovely girl with tight black spots on a truely arctic silver background. Zahra had one litter, but was a little too small to use for breeding. She was rehomed Aug 2012.

Amun-Ra Zisel Tala

Meaning "Sweet Spotted". Usually referred to as "Zel". A stunning girl with a face that redefines cute, and huge dark grey spots and arrowheads. Zel was re-homed Mar 2014 after providing several awesome litters. She was my foundation queen - it is a shame to see her go, but she has done her breeding time, she can enjoy being a pet now!

Thetys Khephri

Named after an aspect of the Egyptian sun god "Ra" - "Khephri", who moves the sun into being. Usually referred to as "Buzz". My first stud cat - a wonderful natured boy! He died in my arms on 11 Feb 2014, sorely miss you my friend - your little meow every morning to remind me "Iz not fed yet"!

Emaus Chance To Dance

Usually referred to as 'Diesel' - my beautiful boy imported from USA. I retired him in 2016 - he's done a great job and now needs to spend the rest of his life being loved as a pet! I am going to miss him.

Past Cats